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  • Running out of steam…?

    You would like to spend more time with the grand kids but you have no energy and are afraid of catching another dreadful cold?

    You have just been diagnosed with Diabetes Type II and you are not sure how long you had the disease for. As Diabetes can have severe detrimental effects on the body’s organs and tissues, you are worried and are wondering what’s next?

    You are in your mid-40s and you find that getting up in the morning is becoming harder and harder every day. You wake up tired, drained, and lifeless. You are overworked and simply your body does not seem to be able to cope anymore. What to do next?

    Your libido has dropped over the years but now it is at a point where there is no more libido to be spoken of. Is there a solution to this or is that it?

    Why not turn back the years…?

    These and similar stories above sound familiar? Although our stem cells therapy is not a cure for all physical illnesses, over the years our stem cells treatments have helped many patients with similar stories as above regain their body strength, and in essence, turn back the years to enjoy a healthier life in the present.

    Our anti aging, body rejuvenation, and diabetes stem cell therapy treatments aim to turn back the years by rejuvenating internal organs and tissues that may naturally have degraded due to aging or may simply have been damaged prematurely due to overwork, stress, or collateral damage caused by a serious disease such as Diabetes.

    After undergoing one of our stem cell therapy treatments, all of our patients can certainly claim to a better life. This fits very well with our core objective which is not only for our patients to live longer, but more importantly, to also live free of age-related problems and diseases.
    Please browse through our website to learn more about us and our stem cell treatments and do not hesitate to contact us with your questions, enquiries, or suggestions.


       S.S. (Texas, USA) Rejuvenation (anti aging)

    Our male patient, a family doctor in Texas, underwent stem cell therapy in October 2009. The treatment was a life changing affaire for him and gave him back his youth. Continue reading

       C. B. (Hawaii, USA) Rejuvenation (anti aging)

    Four months after his stem cell treatment, our client is feeling wonderful. His left lung that had collapsed and had surgery in a Hurricane accident in 1992 feels strong again. Continue reading


    1. How are the stem cells extracted (harvested)?
    2. Is this procedure safe?
    3. Does Thailand have good standards of medical care?
    4. What if I don't get enough stem cells?
    5. What are CD 34+ stem cells?

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    Undergoing stem cell therapy with us has a number of significant advantages including:

    We use Adult Stem Cells Only, NO Embryonic Stem Cells

    Several varieties of stem cells have been isolated and identified.  Very broadly, they comprise of two major classes:

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    If you need financing for one of our stem cell therapy Programs or another medical treatment offered by us, a medical loan may be available to support you.

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