One of the most significant medical breakthroughs in our life time


    C. B. (Hawaii, USA) Rejuvenation (anti aging)

    Four months after his stem cell treatment, our client is feeling wonderful. His left lung that had collapsed and had surgery in a Hurricane accident in 1992 feels strong again. Continue reading

    S.S. (Texas, USA) Rejuvenation (anti aging)

    Our male patient, a family doctor in Texas, underwent stem cell therapy in October 2009. The treatment was a life changing affaire for him and gave him back his youth. Continue reading

    K. B. (Hawaii, USA) Rejuvenation (anti aging)

    Rejuvenation (anti aging) Name: K. B. Location: Hawaii, USA Age: 74 Symptoms/Diagnosis: LETTER FROM THE PATIENT: “I am 74 years young I have been healthy most of my life, other than the occasional colds, flu and headaches caused by stress.
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    A. F. (Washington D.C., USA) Chronic Pain and Arthritis

    While obvious barriers to medical tourism ride on scepticism and fear based on misconception and lack of information, those that are fortunate to investigate further may be richly rewarded, as I have through my stem cell therapy with Thai Regen. Continue reading

    P. S. (Bangkok, Thailand) Other Illnesses Name

    Other Illnesses Name: P. S. Location: Bangkok, Thailand Age: 71 Symptoms/Diagnosis: At age 71, his health condition is normal.  He has slight allergies and some sneezing early mornings.  He is also bald at the middle of his head as he
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    S. S. (Bangkok, Thailand) Diabetes Mellitus

    Diabetes Mellitus Name: S. S. Location: Bangkok, Thailand Age: 49 Symptoms/Diagnosis: She suffers from diabetes and related complications including a blurred vision and farsightedness (hyperopia) at 600.  Her HbA1C factor is at 7.8% (according to the American Diabetes Association, an
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